The Swann Estates Neighborhood Association Inc. represents aspirations for our future that will, as they are realized, sustain our community even as it grows and matures.


One of the key concepts to arise from this plan, will provide new and better means of communicating and sharing resources, and will help the community to act strategically to meet our needs, fulfill our dreams, and celebrate our successes. Through this effort, we look forward to a community better able to join, as informed citizens and as volunteers, to make decisions and to make good things happen.


Swann Estates.png

We plan to implement action thru:

  • Meetings
  • News and articles denoting status and on-going efforts of our neighborhood
  • Resources
  • Newsletters
  • Neighborhood Activities



The following is a wish list of collaboration projects we would like to get into effect

Hale Ave. Median Upgrades: Capital Funding to enhance the median on Hale Ave between Azeele Ave and Cleveland Ave.

  • 3 foot decorative Fence
  • Sprinkler System
  • Sod
  • Minimal Landscape
  • Picnic Fence

Future enhancements:

  • Gazebo 'like' structure